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» A New Way to Pain Free Life by using Myofascial Pain Release Technique in Guelph
A New Way to Pain Free Life by using Myofascial Pain Release Technique in Guelph

Myofascial pain release in Guelph consists of a technique to prevent injuries and relieve muscle pain, which applies pressure to certain points on the body to release the fascia (fibrous tissue that covers the body’s muscles) from the muscle. It’s vital that you visit a professional physiotherapy clinic to reap all the benefits of Myofascial pain release technique.

What can cause fascia changes?

Intense training (overtraining), poor posture and even emotional stress can cause changes in the fascia, resulting in excessive pressure on the nerves and muscles. These situations reduce muscle elasticity and flexibility, coordination and even well-being.

When it happens, the body’s reaction is the formation of nodules (trigger points) that accumulate toxins. For those who’ve an intense bodybuilding routine, the change in the fascia makes it difficult to perform well in training and makes hypertrophy more difficult.

Myofascial pain release in Guelph slowly acts on the trigger points by applying pressure to alleviate pain and restore muscle function, eliminating toxins.

Benefits of Myofascial pain release in Guelph

  • Relief from chronic, tension, post-workout pain
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Greater joint mobility


Furthermore, Myofascial pain release in Guelph also improves disposition, agility and performance in intense exercise series.

How to do Myofascial pain release?

The application of Myofascial pain release in Guelph can be done manually, with tissue manipulation through sliding, support and pressure. The physiotherapy professional in Guelph can use a roller to perform this release, dosing the intensity and pressure exerted. There’s also self-Myofascial release, which consists of application without supervision by a healthcare professional.

ATTENTION: We don’t suggest that you apply Myofascial pain release technique alone, as any muscle injury treated incorrectly can lead to other problems. Always look for a certified physiotherapist!

Myofascial release contraindications and care

It is important to remember that Myofascial pain release in Guelph is generally painful, as there are tension points due to the reasons mentioned above. However, this sensation is brief and has incredible results.

If you have circulatory problems, hypersensitivity to pain, diagnosed muscle injuries, use anticoagulant medications, have bruises or are pregnant in the first trimester, Myofascial pain release technique may not be indicated.

Book your appointment now at Pacific Physio and get professional advice on Myofascial pain release in Guelph. Experience relief and regain pain-free mobility!