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Importance of Static & Dynamic Body Balance Training

Body balance training in Hamilton involves exercises and activities aimed at enhancing core stability, improving balance, and promoting overall body-mind coordination. These tailored exercises can be done with the person at rest (static) or in movement (dynamic). A ‘balance assessment’ must be done by a physiatrist or physiotherapist to prepare the most suitable exercises.

Standing on one leg

Standing on one leg helps to improve static balance and should be done standing up, supporting the body’s weight on just one leg and the other leg bent in front with the foot raised. You can remain in this position for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

Raise the leg back.

Raising the leg backward helps strengthen the lower back. You must stand and support your body weight on just one leg while raising the other leg backwards without bending the knee. Hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds, return to the starting position, and then do it with the other leg.

Raise your arm

The arm-raising balance exercise is also a static balance exercise, which, besides improving balance, also helps with physical coordination. You must stand up and raise one arm above your head. The arm must remain straight, and then the leg on the same side as the arm is stretched must be lifted, bending the knee. Repeat the movement on the other side.

Walk straight

Another inclusion in your body balance training in Hamilton is walking straight in a line. It is an exercise for improving dynamic balance, as well as helping to strengthen your legs. You must place one foot in front of the other so that the heel of the front foot touches the toes of the foot behind. Continue walking in a straight line for at least 20 steps.

Sitting in and getting out of a chair

The balance exercise of sitting and getting up from a chair or bench (as if you were doing a squat) not only helps to improve balance but also helps to strengthen the lower back and abdomen. It would help to have a stable and robust chair or bench that does not move quickly.

Use a gym softball.

Exercising on a soft gym ball is an excellent way to help improve balance. It is a common exercise to be included in your body balance training in Hamilton. A good practice is to sit on a gym ball and raise one leg and both arms in front of you, maintaining this position for a few seconds.

Standing on the BOSU

You can stand with both or just one leg on the BOSU and try to maintain the balance. You can do an isometric squat on the BOSU to make the exercise more challenging. Other options to replace the BOSU include a mini trampoline, rocking board or sliding board.

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Different exercises exist to improve your body balance, core stability, and motor coordination. Depending on your condition, age, and limits, a physiotherapist must suggest the ideal exercises. Body balance training in Hamilton is a miraculous way to improve body balance that has been affected due to certain medical conditions or age-related issues. Book your appointment at Pacific Physio today, and say hello to restriction-free movements!