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Knee Pain and Expert Orthopedic Physiotherapists in Guelph

If you have already suffered a knee injury or have chronic pain in this region, you may have heard about knee physiotherapy. It is a technique performed by expert orthopedic physiotherapists in Guelph that helps rehabilitate and strengthen the joint, relieving pain and improving mobility. Physical therapy may be a viable option if you are looking for a non-invasive way to treat knee pain. You can start feeling better and return to doing the activities you love!


Who are the expert orthopedic physiotherapists in Guelph?

Expert orthopedic physiotherapists possess advanced knowledge in musculoskeletal conditions, injury rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercises. They excel in assessing, diagnosing, and treating orthopedic issues such as fractures, joint disorders, sports injuries, and post-operative recovery.


Start with simple exercises

Before beginning any knee physical therapy exercise, warming up the muscles and joints is essential. You can do this with a light walk or a specific knee warm-up. Then, start with simple exercises, such as knee flexion and extension, leg raising, and stretching the thigh muscles – always under the guidance of expert orthopedic physiotherapists in Guelph.

As you feel stronger, you can add resistance to your exercises. It can be done with weights, elastic bands, or a physiotherapy ball. Use ice after exercise to reduce inflammation and heat therapy before exercise to help relax your muscles. It is vital not to overexert your knee during physical therapy. Recovery can take time, so be patient.


Physiotherapy for Knee Osteoarthritis

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, knee physical therapy designed by expert orthopedic physiotherapists in Guelph can effectively relieve pain and improve mobility. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints and can cause pain, stiffness and difficulty in movement.

Physiotherapy for knee osteoarthritis can include a variety of techniques, such as therapeutic exercises, balance and proprioception exercises, low-impact aerobic activities, massage, gentle stretching, muscle strengthening, and using therapeutic modalities, such as TENS, shockwave, laser, and ultrasound. There is no single best physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis, as each patient is unique.


Knee physiotherapy devices

There are orthopedic devices that can be used to help speed recovery and improve knee mobility. Expert orthopedic physiotherapists must prescribe these devices in Guelph. These devices, such as the knee brace, the patellar brace, the exercise ball, and the elastic band, are available in different sizes and materials that offer different compression levels.


Knee shock physiotherapy

During a shockwave physical therapy session, an expert orthopedic physiotherapist in Guelph will apply a shock device that emits high-energy sound waves to the affected area to penetrate the skin and repair damaged tissue by stimulating blood circulation and the flow of nutrients. Shock knee physiotherapy is not suitable for everyone.


Physiotherapy after surgery

After knee surgery, be sure to follow an appropriate physical therapy program. An expert orthopedic physiotherapist in Guelph will work with you to develop a personalized physical therapy program based on your individual needs and the extent of your surgery.

  • Strengthening exercises include squats, leg lifts, knee bends and weight exercises.
  • Stretching exercises may include quadriceps, hamstring, and calf stretches.
  • Mobility exercises may include leg swing exercises and knee flexion and extension movements.
  • Balance and coordination exercises can include single-leg balance exercises, single-foot jumps, and agility exercises.


Physiotherapy for Knee inflammation

If you’re suffering from knee inflammation, physical therapy can effectively reduce pain, improve range of motion, and strengthen the muscles around the knee. Many physical therapy techniques, such as muscle-strengthening exercises, Cryotherapy, manual therapy, TENS, joint mobilization, and compression, can be used.


Fake Knee

When you feel a click or snap in your knee when walking or moving, it may be a sign of a false knee joint, also known as a wrong knee. Sprains, fractures, trauma to the knee, or medical conditions such as arthritis or degenerative joint disease can cause knee buckling. The prime goal of knee physical therapy is to stabilize the knee joint and reduce pain and swelling.


Knee physiotherapy costs

Regarding knee physical therapy, costs can vary depending on several factors. Some clinics offer treatment packages that can reduce the cost per session. The health plan can cover the cost of physiotherapy as long as the treatment is prescribed by an expert orthopedic physiotherapist in Guelph and the clinic is accredited by the program.


Possible Pain

It is expected that some pain or discomfort will be experienced during knee physiotherapy. It can occur due to the intensity of the exercises, lack of mobility or muscle strength, or even because of previous injuries. Pain is normal during rehabilitation, but it is necessary to be aware of signs of excessive or acute pain.

At Pacific Physio, we can offer a variety of physical therapy techniques to help relieve pain and improve mobility. Our expert orthopedic physiotherapists in Guelph are highly qualified and experienced. At Pacific Physio, our priority is to help you regain your quality of life. Call now and schedule a consultation!