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When To Consult Professional Orthopedic Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy is a specialty focused on rehabilitation and prevention of future musculoskeletal issues. It works directly with physical health but impacts mental and social health. There is a wide range of subspecialties, one of which is orthopedic physiotherapy, practiced by professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton. Trauma-orthopedic physiotherapy primarily aims to locate, treat, and prevent issues related to ligament, muscle, bone and joint dysfunctions.

What resources are used by orthopedic physiotherapy?

This subspecialty of physiotherapy has access to various therapeutic and electro-thermo-phototherapy resources. In this sense, the professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton must be cautious in evaluating each individual to define which techniques will be used.

Isokinetic assessment and therapy

The primary objective of professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton is to quantify muscular resistance, power and strength and compare the results collected between the affected and healthy limbs.

Vibrating platform

It is a device that stimulates blood circulation and improves Neuro-motor control through mechanical vibration. In this case, the treatment is ideal for patients with osteoporosis or chronic lower back pain and those needing to improve their mobility or physical conditioning.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage, unlike the previous resource, is a manual technique. Through its adoption, professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton can reduce the accumulation of fluids in a specific area of ​​the patient’s body.


Another widespread orthopedic physiotherapy resource is phototherapy. In this case, the professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton use a low-power laser that alleviates pain, aids healing and accelerates the resolution of any inflammatory processes.


Electrotherapy involves electrical currents. In general, this type of treatment is used by professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton when it is necessary to strengthen the muscular system and keep any pain under control.

What types of conditions does orthopedic physical therapy treat?

The conditions that can be treated by professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton include bursitis, osteoporosis, muscle strains, sprains, tendinitis, dislocations, amputations, repetitive strain injuries, traumas, fractures, and traumas.

Regarding specific injuries, professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton ensure the fastest, safest possible re-establishment of the patient’s functions, improving the condition or preventing it from worsening. It is standard for trauma-orthopedic physiotherapy to go hand in hand with neurological physiotherapy.


Best Clinic for orthopedic physiotherapy

Regarding applying orthopedic physiotherapy at Pacific Physio Clinic, our professional orthopedic physiotherapists in Hamilton take a holistic approach to treating and preventing the issues. We don’t cure the symptoms but eliminate the root cause of the problem. So, what are you waiting for? A pain-free, mobile life is calling you. Call now and book your appointment!